Good work deserves to be recognized. NACADA wants to recognize those in the field of Advising that have done so much to help others to achieve their goals and their dreams. Currently, state-wide recognition awards dedicated and talented professionals in the following categories:

  • Best of RI Conference Presentation – This award is given to the top presentation delivered at the RI Drive-In conference and encouraged to be presented at the NACADA Region 1 Conference (This award can only be obtained by presenting at a NACADA/ RI Drive-In conference)


  • Steven J. Bailey Award for Excellence in Advising– This recognition is given to an Academic Advisor that has made significant steps  in the field and is also seen an innovative and knowledgeable member of their campus community and the state of RI and surrounding areas.


  • Rising Star- New Professional Award- This award is given to a new professional in their first or second year who has shown excellence in areas of leadership, innovation, excitement, and has had an early and significant impact on their campus community.


  • Advising Partner Award- This award is given to an outstanding individual that has given their time and has made significant contributions to advising, even though it is not their primary role. This award is given to recognize faculty, staff, admin support, or any other individual that has had a positive impact on the advising experience within their campus community.


  • Innovation Award- This award is given to the institution that has developed and utilized new and different approaches to student success and has seen positive results as a result of that success.


Nominations for the 2016 Conference are open and will close on November 15, 2016.

Submit a nomination  – Because recognition for a job well done is Awesome!